CC&R Amendments - Restatements
Checklist of Requirements

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Michael T. Chulak & Associates will require the following items to either amend or restate your associationís CC&Rs:

  1. Current CC&Rs and any amendments.

  2. Current Master CC&Rs, if any, and any amendments.

  3. Current Bylaws and any amendments.

  4. Current Articles of Incorporation.

  5. Condominium Plans, and any amendments, recorded for the property (assuming the development is a condominium).*

  6. Grant deed for any unit / lot.

  7. Preliminary title report or policy of title insurance for any unit / lot.

    If the common interest development was developed in more than one phase (which we can determine when we review the CC&Rs), we will need items 5, 6, and 7, above, for each phase of development, and, in addition:

  8. Each Notice of Annexation (sometimes called Notice of Addition) recorded for each phase of development.

    *If the board cannot locate the Condominium Plan (item 5) and / or a Notice of Annexation (item 8), we can order them from the County Recorderís Office at the expense of the HOA as long as we have one exemplar of a grant deed (item 6) and one exemplar of a title report (item 7) from each phase of development.